Home Visit:
Initial Consultation $150
Followup: $75

What happens during a home visit?

  • A medical, birth, breastfeeding history intake is done
  • A full breastfeeding session is observed- latch and positioning assistance is given as needed
  • Baby is weighed on a high-quality scale (2g accuracy) before and after feeding to determine intake/ability to transfer
  • An overall assessment of baby including an oral/suck assessment is performed
  • A breastfeeding care plan is created with you to help you best meet your breastfeeding goals
  • After our visit, a detailed report/care plan is emailed to you within 24 hours. Your visit includes two weeks of phone, e-mail, or text followup.

Some breastfeeding problems can be solved immediately and with minor interventions. Others take time, practice, hard work, and additional visits other healthcare providers. You can meet some of these providers here.

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